Muay Thai Kickboxing
Chin Na Grappling
Escrima Stick & Knife
Wing Chun
Kempo Karate
MMA (Mixed Martial Arts)


Gun Disarms / Retention Tactics
Self Defense & Protection
Weapon Tactics (Bladed / Blunted)
Functional Fitness
Strength Conditioning
Injury Rehabilitation
Lifestyle Fitness


John Duza incorporates several martial art styles to help people stay safe in today’s world. He teaches effective techniques for self-defense and protection so people don’t become victims or statistics. Anyone can learn these applications regardless of age, gender, fitness level, past injuries, or other modalities. The tactics applied are easy to learn yet devastatingly efficient to take down any attacker.
Coach Duza is also a Master Instructor for people that want the sports side of martial arts for competition or conditioning. He is also an MMA Judge for 2 professional organizations as well as a cage official and corner-man coach for over 6 years.

On the flip side, Coach Duza also uses martial arts as a tool for better workouts to build balance, coordination, agility, speed and power within his clients. The martial art drills are perfect to train the body in other important fitness aspects that are often overlooked when people think of fitness. Fitness is more than just weights and cardio machines that you see in gyms, or the mentality of just building muscle or doing cardio on machines to get calorie burn for weight-loss.
The use of martial art movements is amazing for functional fitness exercises and injury rehabilitation for better mobility and flexibility. Learn how to move your body for better functionality in everyday life and to rehab an injury or improve your posture.
Whatever your needs are, John Duza is a great coach to achieve success for your goals. He will cater each session to maximize the learning curve to get faster results in everyone. He is your Self Defense Instructor, your Mixed Martial Arts Coach, and your Functional Fitness Personal Trainer.


John Duza is an excellent personal trainer and MMA coach. He's extremely personable, enthusiastic, and motivated. He always pushed me to my limits, without injuring me (I'm 40 years old) and had very creative workouts. My fighting skills as well as my personal fitness skyrocketed thanks to John. The time I have spent with him is invaluable, and I will always consider him an exceptional trainer, and friend. If you or anyone is thinking about personal training or MMA, you won't regret having John in your corner!
- Ben B.
I was able to lose 50lbs in 5 months training with John. He is amazing and really motivated me to keep going and hit my monthly goals in Fitness and Nutrition. I learned so much from training with John and he is the most dedicated trainer I have ever had! He pushed me beyond my expectations and I am so happy to have gotten great results and now I make fitness a lifestyle everyday to stay healthy!
- April G.


Coach Duza has dedicated his life to helping people learn about Martial Arts and Functional Fitness to live healthy and happy lives while protecting their loved ones and livelihood.

He has experienced fear, anger, hate, and sorrow within his soul as he grew up. He was bullied emotionally and physically as a child for many years by other kids throughout school. It wasn’t until he studied Martial Arts at age 15 when it showed him an amazing journey of understanding the physical, mental, and spiritual human state.
Right then he knew this was his passion to gain this knowledge to shape who he is today and to help others achieve their physical goals.