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Street Self Defense Workshop
San Diego, CA

Don't Be a Victim! Be a Survivor!

Learn how to stop a threat using Mixed Martial Arts and Tactical Self Defense techniques against any sized attacker. Stop a criminal attack such as an abduction, car-jacking, mugging, sexual assault, road rage, or any other attacker.

This course is essential knowledge for men, women, and children to stay safe in today’s world. We teach a martial science focusing on human anatomy for striking points, laws of leverage to combat an attackers’ size and strength for joint manipulation, and angles of evasion as well as angles of offense and defense for blocking attacks against multiple attackers. We will also focus on surveillance and awareness tactics, distance control, environmental weapons, and more. Learn to survive the first 30 seconds of an attack.

This course will make you confident, strong willed, and aware of your surroundings.

  • knife defense

    FREE 3-in-1 Pepper Gel/ Glass Breaker/ Seatbelt Cutter included with each registration!

  • Knife defense

    Gain confidence in protecting yourself and your loved ones. 

  • knife defense san diego

    3-hour workshop to gain life saving skills!

  • knife defense san diego

    Workshop locations vary in San Diego.

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