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Ultimate Self Defense Workshop
San Diego, CA
Level 1 $450 or Level 2 $700

Intensive Training for the Serious Self-Defender

A 2-Day workshop teaching all aspects of street striking, defensive tactics, gun, knife and blunted weapon defense and disarms, and how to shoot a pistol for defensive tactics.

Day 1 is training self defense & weapon defense tactics. 
Learn street striking, escape grappling holds, defensive techniques to minimize injuries, and use of environmental weapons to make you a force multiplier against multiple attackers. Techniques around scenarios such as: sexual assault, mugging, car-jacking, road rage, or any other attacks.

Day 2 is learning how to shoot a pistol with live fire using proper stance, grip, and sight alignment, legalities of defensive shooting, and safety handling. 

  • Ultimate self defense san diego

    FREE 3-in-1 Pepper Gel/ Glass Breaker/ Seatbelt Cutter included with each registration!

  • Ultimate self defense course san diego

    Gain confidence in protecting yourself and your loved ones. 

  • Ultimate self defense course san diego

    2-Day workshop to gain life saving skills!

  • Ultimate self defense course san diego

    Workshop locations vary in San Diego.

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    Workshop Details

    This Ultimate Self Defense Workshop is covered in 2 phases. See information below for details.


      Describe how the courses can help a specific student based on their level of expertise on the subject. Describe how the courses can help them move to the next level.


      This portion of the workshop you'll be handling a pistol with live ammunition. Depending on your skill level with hand guns, you'll be placed into one of the following categories:

      What is your level of expertise with shooting a pistol?

      1) BEGINNERS: If you have never handled a pistol before and need a refresher course, then you belong in the Beginner Class: Handgun First Steps, or



      Intermediate class for Home Defense. In this class you will learn not only the legalities of home defense, but you will also learn to shoot from the following positions:

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