What We Do

Business Owners Who Want to Reduce Risk & Limit Liability Claims...

We help protect the liability of the business owner from lawsuits and worker compensation claims from situations that arise in your industry.
No business wants to pay for lawsuit payouts, attorney fees, worker compensation claims, or medical bills for something that could have been prevented by having a better-trained security staff.
We are the solution to prevent these issues that can haunt a business for years.
We teach conflict de-escalation skills to diffuse hostility within a patron who is combative towards your staff. When more is needed, then we teach conflict intervention to use safe and effective techniques to escort the patron out of your establishment.
Let us help you in a win-win scenario of limiting your liability from your customers and employees from getting injured in dealing with conflict scenarios.

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Current & Past Clients

Some Use Case Industries

Security Services

Security Staff should use conflict de-escalation and intervention techniques to break up fights and to escort aggressive customers out of the establishment without causing excessive harm. Security Staff needs to have skills to give confidence when engaging in a conflict scenario and not get injured or cause injury that results in lawsuits, worker compensation, higher insurance premiums, and bad public relations.

Restaurants, Bars & Nightclubs

Security personnel should have the knowledge and skills to restrain an aggressor while not getting injured. 
Worker compensation claims or liability lawsuits can be prevented if the security staff has the proper training to ensure effectiveness of their actions.
It’s essential to have an elite trained team when security has to protect the public. We can shape your security staff to handle any threats.

Medical Facilities

Medical Staff should know conflict de-escalation and intervention techniques when dealing with aggressive patients. Medical Staff must have effective restraining techniques to control and protect the patient from harming themselves or others. A patient that is angry or under the influence of drugs or alcohol can be very dangerous. Medical Staff needs this training to stay safe while intervening and controlling a situation.


I reached out to John about some hands-on training for my security staff and managers, and I am very glad I did. John was recommended by one of the managers that spoke very highly of him and the training he provides. We signed up for the Conflict De-escalation & Intervention Security Workshop and it was pretty awesome. The techniques that were taught to us were simple enough to learn and very effective. Since the training, I myself have used the techniques learned multiple times with success. I have also witnessed my security staff use them as well. With that said, there has been no injuries to the customers or the staff which is a big plus. I highly recommend John and the training he offers to any bar/nightclub, it helps your security and management staff feel more safe having the knowledge to protect themselves and each other. 
Alex P

General Manager - PB Shore Club